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Competences Center: Interfaces-Tribocorrosion and Electrochemical Systems

CC - ITES is an institutional research center at the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science (departments: Materials Engineering and Environment, Development and Alloy Casting, Plastic Deformation and Heat Treatment).

CC - ITES Research Center is located in room M012, with laboratories in rooms M222, M210, M205, SD12, A121 and J1A of the Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science.

Management structure of the research center:

- Managing Director:  Professor Lidia Benea, PhD
- Scientific Director:   Lecturer Alina - Crina Ciubotariu, PhD
- Executive Director:  Associate prof. Viorel Dragan, PhD

Research Center develops  interdisciplinary fundamental and applied researches, both nationally and internationally in science and engineering of advanced materials.

Bridging Advanced Materials Science and Engineering with Medicine !

Turning Materials Degradation Processes into Materials Protection !



Prof.  Lidia BENEA, PhD

Dunarea de Jos University of Galati,

Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science.

111 Domneasca Street,

Building M, Room M 012,

Galati cod 800201.

Tel/Fax 40 236 460754,

Mobil: +40 744216277.

E-mail: Lidia.Benea@ugal.ro

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